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What size charger should I use for a battery that is used as a starter battery on a generator?

First consider the panel load on the battery. This is the main requirement for the charge current. The battery charger must be able to supply this current. Any remaining capacity in the charger is used to charge the battery. Battery charging only needs to be a small amount above this to keep the battery “topped up”. Bulk charging after an engine start is performed by the DC Charging Alternator. For example, for a standing load (panel load) of 2 A, a 5 A or 10 A charger is usually considered satisfactory for the majority of genset applications.

Does my DSE battery charger need to be disconnected when the engine is running?

No, DSE battery chargers can be left connected during cranking and while the engine is running.

My synchronising system doesn’t sync and/or load share correctly. What should I do?

Ensure the DSE Four Steps to Synchronising procedure has been followed correctly. Contact DSE Technical Support if you continue to have problems after performing this procedure.

How can I prevent Fail to Stop on the DSE ATS controller when the generator is run from its local controls?

DSE334 and DSE335 have the option to disable the Fail to Stop detection using the DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.

Which ATS controller is most suited for a system with two mains supplies to select one available supply from two?

DSE334 and DSE335 are designed specifically to support this application.

My cooling timer has expired but my engine is still running. What should I do?

Check the cooling timer in the Genset controller is suitable for the application.

What size charger should I use for a battery that regularly discharges to a low level?

This usually means you require a fast recharge time. Use a larger charger, with a current rating up to 10 times the Ah capacity of the battery. For example, for a 100 Ah battery, use a charger up to 10 A. If you want to charge at a rate more than this, check first with your battery manufacturer.

What types of batteries are compatible with DSE Battery Chargers?

DSE Battery Chargers have a configurable charging voltage suitable for most battery types (ie NiCd, Lead Acid, Gel type etc). For the “Intelligent” chargers, this voltage is PC configurable by the user. Contact DSE Technical Support for more information.

Is it possible to install DSE battery chargers in series to achieve a higher voltage or in parallel to achieve a higher current output?

Yes. DSE battery charger outputs can be connected in parallel for a higher current rating or in series for a higher voltage rating.

Where can i find the device descriptor for the DSE device?
DSE files are contained in a single package that you can download from the DSE website. 
What is the default IP address of my device?
The default IP is static Make sure you verify that there are no other devices in the same network using the same IP and that you are in the same subnet.
CODESYS can find my device but I am unable to download start/stop/remove the application.
Check that the program enable is connected or that the debug mode is active.
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Our DSE Configuration Suite Software makes configuring DSE products a straightforward process. Once installed to a Windows PC, open the software, select your product and change the settings to meet your application requirements. Configurations can be saved for future use.

Our DSE Discovery Tool displays information on all DSE products connected to a single local area network (LAN). Once installed to a Windows PC, open the software and search for available products. The software will display all product IDs and IP addresses.

Our DSE Assistant software allows pre-saved configuration files to be written to and read from DSE control modules. Configuration files are created using the full DSE Configuration Suite Software. The file is opened using DSE Assistant and written to a control module via a USB connection. This software is perfect for writing a single configuration to multiple control modules. 

CODESYS 3.5 should be installed before downloading the M-Series device descriptors. 

The M-Series device descriptor download includes the individual descriptor files for each product within the DSE M-Series range. 

The service tool allows firmware and boot loader upgrades, users to download new CODESYS applications and provides support for Ethernet communications.