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Our DSE Configuration Suite Software makes configuring DSE products a straightforward process. Once installed to a Windows PC, open the software, select your product and change the settings to meet your application requirements. Configurations can be saved for future use.

Our DSE Discovery Tool displays information on all DSE products connected to a single local area network (LAN). Once installed to a Windows PC, open the software and search for available products. The software will display all product IDs and IP addresses.

Our DSE Assistant software allows pre-saved configuration files to be written to and read from DSE control modules. Configuration files are created using the full DSE Configuration Suite Software. The file is opened using DSE Assistant and written to a control module via a USB connection. This software is perfect for writing a single configuration to multiple control modules. 

CODESYS 3.5 should be installed before downloading the M-Series device descriptors. 

The M-Series device descriptor download includes the individual descriptor files for each product within the DSE M-Series range. 

The service tool allows firmware and boot loader upgrades, users to download new CODESYS applications and provides support for Ethernet communications.