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November 2014

New 30 Amp Battery Charger - Now Available image

New 30 Amp Battery Charger - Now Available

For applications requiring a high current output, the new 30 Amp Intelligent Battery Charger has been designed to offer ultimate performance.

Using sophisticated microprocessor technology the DSE9474 is capable of applying different charging currents depending on battery type and usage. The new charger will automatically monitor the battery performance and charge accordingly using either, two, three or four stage charging curves to maximize the life of the battery and provide a reliable and consistent performance throughout.
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Major Investment in New EMC Equipment image

Major Investment in New EMC Equipment

A new anechoic chamber has been purchased for the EMC Test lab. The equipment checks for radiated emissions and immunity extending DSE's range of in-house testing and making product testing quicker and more efficient. A new isolation transformer for single and 3 phase supplies has also been purchased to extend the frequency to further support test lab processes.
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Saving Space with Refined Technology image

Saving Space with Refined Technology

DSE9701 & DSE9702

The high efficiency switch-mode battery chargers are available in 5 AMP, 12 and 24 Volt options and have been designed to take up the smallest amount of space within a panel.

The chargers are built using the highest grade components and capacitors allowing the unit to function more efficiently, providing a longer and more reliable life-span. This in-built robustness makes them ideal for the rigours of a wide variety of markets including heavy and light industrial environments.
Chargers operate with a minimum of 80% efficiency throughout the full operating range and features...
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