Control Systems for vehicles
and off-highway machinery

DSEControl® is an innovative range of control systems for engines, vehicles and off-highway machinery. Each product has been expertly developed and offers industry-leading levels of control combined with high levels of flexibility and programming.

Control Systems for Vehicles and Off-Highway Machinery

Our control systems for vehicles and off-highway machinery deliver an outstanding range of features and functionality for the most complex applications. Programmed using CODESYS 3.5 software each product can be configured to match exact customer requirements. 
  • Key Features
  • CODESYS 3.5 and C++ Programming.
  • Ethernet Communications.
  • Configurable I/O.

Engine & Pump
Control Modules

Our engine and pump control modules provide outstanding levels of control, monitoring and protection for engine, pump and compressor applications.
  • Key Features
  • Customisable Multi-Instrument Screens.
  • Engine speed control over can and governor output.
  • pwm and pwmi output curve control.


The DSE Control® accessories range provides a complete range of supporting products for use with our M-Series controllers. There are a selection of Deutsch connectors, connector harness sets, connectors, interface cables and programming cables.  
  • Key Features
  • Outstanding quality.
  • Simplifies the programming and interfacing process.
  • Developed and tested for use with dse m-series and e-series products.