Dedicated Auto transfer Switch Control Modules

DSEAts® is a collection of auto transfer switch control modules that provide switching and control technology for changeover applications. Each product has been carefully developed to match the different application demands of the ATS market.

Automatic Transfer Switch
Control Modules

Our automatic transfer switch control modules include advanced switching & control technology for changeover applications.

  • Key Features
  • Designed for multiple switchgear installations.
  • Comprehensive parameters for accurate, reliable and maintenance free mains (utility) monitoring and control.
  • Remote communications and PLC functionality.


Our power supplies provide a DC power supply output to our automatic transfer switch controllers.

  • Key Features
  • 12 volt and 24 volt DC output ATS power supplies.
  • Accepts AC power from the mains (utility) or genset supply.
  • Provides power solutions for switchgear locations without a DC battery supply.