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Intelligent Battery Chargers and Power Supplies

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Our extensive range of battery chargers and power supplies are all designed with performance in mind.

Products are designed using switch mode technology which allows us to combine advanced feature sets within compact robust enclosures, providing the user with space efficient chargers that are extremely reliable. With a wide range of different amp chargers available, our range can cater for varied and demanding applications within any industry.

New High Powered Battery Charger

DSE9474 30 Amp Battery Charger for applications requiring a high current output, the new 30 Amp Intelligent Battery Charger has been designed to offer ultimate performance.

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New Vertical 5 A Battery Chargers

The DSE9701 & DSE9702, high efficiency switch-mode battery chargers offer superb space saving benefits for restricted panel sizes. 

DSE9701 - 5 A 24 V                    DSE9702 - 5 A 12 V

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