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The DSE8005 will monitor up to a maximum of 40 DSE controllers in any combination of up to 32
generators and 10 mains (utilities) e.g. 32 generators and 8 mains (utilities), 30 generators and 10
mains (utilities) etc.

The DSE8005 also supports the DSE73xx range of modules

For more information please refer to the DSE8610/60 Series or the DSE73xx Series manuals.


Modules are linked via a high-speed connection in a ‘daisy-chain’ topology.

Compatible with WIndowsTM 7, XP and Vista, the software can be easily installed into any laptop or
PC, allowing full remote control and monitoring facilities. The Windows based software is and user-friendly.

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Image of DSE8005

Main features


• Touchscreen PC enabled
• Engine start/stop
• Monitoring and control
• Switching on and off load
• Load demand priority
• Mains (Utility) base load power levels
• System overview graphical designer with simple drag and drop facility
• 32/64-bit operating system